Locker rooms – Oct 28

Summary of changes:

~The dressing rooms for WLMHA events will have an exemption to the posted capacity numbers.

~WLMHA can double the capacity. (9 = 18) and (10 =20) per room plus the mandatory 2 deep supervisors.

~Masks must be worn in the dressing rooms.

~The door may be closed.

~2 coaches/team staff must be present with the players at all times as per the locker room policy.

~Players will leave their mask on their hooks when they are leaving the room to go to the field of play.

~Players will put the masks back on during period breaks if they return to the room.

~Room assignments will be posted on the board in the lobby.

~U13 and under should still come dressed and use the rooms for skate tying only.

~15 minute maximum in the locker rooms.

~There is not sufficient time to shower and showers will not be used except after early morning practices when teams will be scheduled appropriately in 4 locker rooms.

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