The WLMHA Board is an integral part in the planning and operation of our association.

If you know someone who is passionate about keeping kids active and has great work ethic, consider nominating them for a position on the 2021-2022 WLMHA Board.

2021-2022 Nominees

Thank you to all of those who have kindly agreed to let their name stand as a nominee for the WLMHA Board. Voting for the board positions will take place during the Virtual AGM on May 4th, 2021.

Tanis Rosa:  For Director I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who nominated me to sit on the 2021/22 WLMHA board. I was privileged to sit on last year's board as the IP Coordinator. I was lucky enough to get to spend the season with a great team of coaches and managers, watching these little players develop over the season was such a fun experience. Prior to sitting on the board, I volunteered as the Novice Coordinator and over the past 5 years, I have been a team manager for both my son and daughter's teams. I look forward to working with you all this up-and-coming season.

Robin Ford: For Treasurer

Mike Rispin: For President I’m thankful for the nomination and accept it, I’ve got almost 12 full years of serving on the board and after bringing the association through The last year and with COVID I’d ideally like to continue and hopefully bring us out of COVID. 

Jeremy Forster: For Director I accept the nomination,It would be great to help out and be involved in our association 

Karlee Brown:  For Director What an honour it is to be nominated to join the WLMHA Board of Directors! This will be our third year as members of the WLMHA with our youngest daughter. Last year I was a Team Manager and navigated our team through Covid's rollercoaster of rules and hardships. I really see value in the statement "kids on ice." I believe that that needs to be our number one goal as we move through Covid and am pleased to offer any insight from a newcomer to the WLMHA family.  Our experience has been a very pleasant one and that is largely because of all the hard work that happens behind the scenes at the Board level.  I would be completely humbled to be part of the crew that helps keep "kids on ice". 

Jenny Huffman: For Director

Dustie Coombes: For Vice President

Amy Hunt: For Secretary

Chris Ford: For Vice President - I have served with the WLMHA executive for the last two years, first as Fair Play coordinator and last year as Referee in Chief.  I also co-chaired the goalie committee with Leah McAllister, and we organized free monthly goalie training for all goalies in the WLMHA last year.  As last year was a very challenging year, I hope to be around for good rebound year for the association.

Leah McAllister: For Director Last year I was Director of U18 & U15 house divisions, and truly enjoyed interacting with all of you. We had a lot of challenges with covid,  and here is to hoping that we are moving forwards to getting back to games!

Ryan Hatt: For Director

Tammy James: For Director Last year I was nominated to be involved with WLMHA Executive. Due to the Covid-19 there was not a lot of opportunity to exercise my role as Fair Play Co-Ordinator. I would like an opportunity to again participate in the Executive and support WL Minor Hockey hopefully in an advanced capacity with a fully operational season! Lets keep our fingers crossed! Many thanks to those that kept the season running as much as it did-parents, volunteers, fellow association members and players!