Mandatory Screening

Every player must complete the health assessment screening at least 1 hour prior to any team event.  Click the link above and follow the form, answering every question.  The information will be gathered by your manager and used to plan for the gathering.  If this is not complete, the player will not be allowed on to be with the team.

U9 Division Coordinator

Tanis Rosa ~

Hello hockey parents;

My name is Tanis Rosa and I will be your IP Coordinator for the up coming 2020/21 hockey
season. I look forward to meeting each and everyone one of you along with your little


This year we will be having practices on Wednesdays down at the Cariboo Memorial
Complex from 4:30-5:30 or 5:30-6:30 and every 3rd week your players team will be
practicing up at Total Ice, also on Wednesdays from either 4:30-5:30 or 5:30- 6:30. This
schedule will be on a rotation. Games will take place on Sundays up at Total Ice. (PLEASE
KEEP IN MIND WE WILL BE PRACTICE HEAVY at the start as we are supposed to run a
3:1 ratio of practices to games. Once we have reached our practice quota mandated by BC
Hockey we will have only games on Sundays). Once teams are finalized, I will be able to
give you the full schedule up until the end of December.


Evaluations for our division will be held on Saturday, September 19th and Sunday, September
20th. After the evaluations your player will be placed on a team where we will continue the
evaluation process the following week before finalizing the teams. Ice times for the following
week of the 21-27th will be on Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. These ice times will be
at the CMRC for the purpose of running ice breaker games and to continue with our
evaluation process. Your team manager will get a hold of you to let you know which days
and time your player will be on the ice. The regular season schedule will start the week of
the 28th at which time your child will be on a finalized team. We will have teams finalized
after our ice time on the 26th. If you do not hear form anyone that means, there has been no
movement for your player.

Volunteers Needed:

For these 3 groups I am looking for 6 on ice coaches who can help with evaluations. I
am also looking for 4 people to help tie skates. Please let me know ASAP!

All players are to arrive fully dressed.

Please arrive 15 minutes before ice time. There will be volunteers available to tie players skates ONLY THESE VOLUNTEERS WILL BE TYING SKATES. Please only 1 parent per player as space is very limited in rink 2. Some parents will also be asked to spectate through the glass from rink 1.
Please send your player with their own filled water bottle with their names clearly labelled as
there will be no sharing permitted.

Please follow social distancing protocols, use hand sanitizer and stay home if anyone in
your family is showing Covid-19 signs or symptoms.

Please follow rules posted throughout the complex.

Lastly, if you are interested in becoming a head coach, assistant coach, on-ice helper, team
manager, HCSP or Covid assessment personal please let me know ASAP!

Thank you for registering your player, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to
contact me.

Thank you,
Tanis Rosa
IP Coordinator