Division Director ~ Tanis Rosa - Tanisrosa.Wlhockey@Gmail.Com

U18 Coordinator:  Sarah Moore ~ smoore82@live.com

Hello and welcome to the new 2022/23 U18 season! My name is Sarah Moore and I will be coordinating U18 this year. Please bear with me as I have never done this before, but I am looking forward to having an awesome season!

The season is approaching very quickly and I am in desperate need of volunteers!

If you are available to help out with the pre-skate on September 17th and/or evaluations on September 18th please send me an email at smoore82@live.com

We are also in desperate need of coaches and assistant coaches! Please contact me if you are thinking about coaching. It can be a really fun and rewarding experience! We can’t do hockey without volunteers so any of you who want to help out are so so appreciated!!!

If you have any questions or if you are interested in being a team manager or HCSP (safety person). Please don’t hesitate to email me any time!

I am looking forward to a fantastic season for our U18’s!!

Thank you,

Sarah Moore


The groups will be assigned 1 week prior to the first ice time.

Optional Preskate: Saturday, September 17

Group 1:  6:15-7:15 Rink 1

Group 2: 5:15-6:15 Rink 2

Group 3: 6:30-7:30 Rink 2

Mandatory Evaluations: Sunday, September 18

Group 1:  4:30-5:30 Rink 1

Group 2:  5:45-6:45 Rink 1

Group 3:  7:00-8:00 Rink 1

Here are the Pre Skate times and Evaluation Times for U18 (I will have the groups listed at the end of this email)
Also If you are able to help with these ice times please let me know. It would be best if the same helpers were available for all of the Evaluations, however if you're only available for some of the times let me know and that will be fine too.
email me at smoore82@live.com so I know that I have volunteers please!
Group 1:
Cordell Archie
Jordan Betts
Harley Billy
Carter Boomer
Roman Boston
Dakota Boyd
Seth Cahoose
Alessandro Calabrese
Blaire Camille
Kody Camille
Brandt Carrier
Riley Charleyboy
Dane Christianson
Lcee Cobb
Angus Cobb
Bayne Cons
Reece Cons
Cianna Coutier
Gage Davis
Chase Dube
Yellicyia Elkins
Danton Enns
Nikolas Grondines
Rylan Guichon
Group 2:
Joseph Henley
Ethan Hill
Lucas Hjelden
Ryder Hunlin
Benjamin Huston
Amdeus Isnardy
Lashawn Jack
Tyrell Johnston
Daniel Klyne
Timu Kruus
Jeremy Labelle
Raiden Lainchbury
Boston Levens
Austin Ludwig
Ethan Mcdonald
Jonas Mccarthy
Isabelle Mcmath
Mattias Montgomery
Ethan Moore
Cain Olsen
Garrett Olson
Nash Overton
Robert Palmantier
Caen Passeri
Angus Paul
Group 3:
Oliver Pole
Ethan Prest
Conor Rankin
Ryan Rife
Daelan Riplinger
Will Roberts
Dallas Rosette
Kagen Russell
Austin Sidor
Jayden Sigurdson
Cole Skerry
Fisher Smith
Logan Stanislaus
Kaleb Sytsma
Hamish Tough
Magnus Tough
Daniel Villeneuve
Andrew Villeneuve
Montana Waters
Levi Weir
Ben Wessels
Geordi Wonnacot
Brady Wood