Mandatory Screening

Every player must complete the health assessment screening at least 1 hour prior to any team event.  Click the link above and follow the form, answering every question.  The information will be gathered by your manager and used to plan for the gathering.  If this is not complete, the player will not be allowed on to be with the team.

Division Director ~ Jenny Huffman

U13 Coordinator:

Tammy Watson ~


U13 Players will have 2 changerooms for children to space out. Each player will be assigned a dressing room and a specific numbered seat in the change room.

We ask that only one parent waits for their child or if child is comfortable to walk to car then if the parents could wait in vehicle when practice/game is over to eliminate crowding at the doors.

Everyone needs to please respect the social distancing so we can keep hockey going for our children. No sharing of water bottles  (bring your own water as the fountain has been shut down). No sharing of equipment, No horseplay and respect your coaches. If at
any time a player is found to be in willful violation of the social distancing rules, that player will be asked to leave and escorted off ice/ tunnel/ arena area. If your child is showing signs of being sick or are sick they will be asked to leave. So please just stay home if anyone is sick.

Group 1

Preskate: Sept 12  11:30-12:30

Evaluations: Sept 19 3:45-4:45

1. Landen Abbott
2. Tobias Baumann
3. Jordan Beaman
4. Tyler Beauline
5. Keira Billyboy
6. Evan Buchi
7. Presley Sharman
8. Axel Campbell
9. Kenneth Campbell
10. Turner Christenson
11. Hunter Dickie
12. Riley Doxtator

Group 2

Preskate: Sept 12 12:45-1:45

Evaluations: Sept 19  5:00-6:00

1. Treykr Felker
2. Kohen Fisher
3. Jayden Fradsham
4. Gerald Hance
5. Blake Hanley
6. Danny Harry
7. Ethan Hatt
8. Maxx Hilton
9. Asher Hollett
10. Braden Huitema
11. Greysen Hutchins
12. Ryan Johnson
13. Austin Johnston
14. Jeremiah Kaelest

Group 3

Preskate: Sept 13 11:30-12:30

Evaluations: Sept 19  4:15-5:15

1. Kyle Kielpinksi
2. Kinley Owen
3. Memphis Lachapelle
4. Kaiden Lamothe
5. Caelum Llewellyn
6. Star Lulu
7. Jaxtyn Marklinger
8. Arinna Olsen
*9. King Dupuis
*10. Cordell Elkins
*11. Caleb Engle
*12. Justin Ethier
*13. Arjun Ranu

Group 4

Preskate: Sept 13 12:45-1:45

Evaluations: Sept 19  5:30-6:30

1. Keane Philbrick
2. Christian Pinette
3. Maia Prest
4. Layne Rankin
5. Jaxon Stryan
6. Lucious Chelsea Sellars
7. Landon Sorenson
8. Dawson Spady
9. Finley Testawich
10. Mason Tugnum
11. Jackson Waters
12. Marco Li
13. Tessa Chabot
14. Daisy Lee Bullechuk
15. Chelyne Carson

Calling all Coaches:

We are in dire need of coaches for the teams to move forward this year. At this point we have 1 possible coach. If you are interested please let me know and we can hook you up with all the online training needed to get started. Or if you know someone send them our way. 

U13 Preskate/ evaluations: We need volunteers for on-ice help during pre-skate and drills for evaluations. Please email me directly to sign up.

Rep try/out players: If you are trying out for rep teams this year, please check the schedule on the website to see when you are assigned to be on the ice. If you return to the recreation league at any point, you will be assigned to a team at that time.