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Williams Lake Minor Hockey Association

To WLMHA Families:

We are happy to get started with hockey but as you can imagine this year will be different.  I am writing you this email to inform you on some general policies that WLMHA is recommending regarding COVID.  WLMHA is working closely with the CMRC and Total Ice and will be following their protocols as well as those from BC Hockey through ViaSports.

Policies and recommendations can change as directed by our health authorities or ice rinks and we will probably need to adjust as the year goes on.  Complying will give us the best chance to play hockey and complete our season. Noncompliance may result in rinks having to shut down.

1.  Please do not come to the rink or any team activity if you are sick or have any symptoms consistent with COVID-19.

2.  Players are recommended to wear masks in the rink at all times unless they are on the ice.

3.  Coaches will wear masks any time social distancing is not possible.

4.  As a general guiding principle kids should spend as little time in the rink as possible when not on the ice.  They should come to the rink as dressed for hockey as is possible.

5. Parents MUST complete a COVID questionnaire for every player, that is linked to the website page for each division prior to each team event. Players will not be allowed on the ice if a completed survey can’t be located online.

6. Players will be allowed into the rink no earlier than 30 minutes before their ice time begins.  Players must check in with their manager, ensure that their screening was completed and obtain their dressing room assignment. The dressing rooms will be available for 15 minutes prior to the ice time. They must go to their assigned locker room or seating location to finish dressing and put on skates.  Take their masks off and put their helmet on once they are ready to leave the locker room and go on the ice, if using a mask.

7.  Locker rooms are not a place to hang out (15 min max).  Remember that the goal is to spend as little time as possible in the building when not on the ice.  No coaching shall occur in the locker rooms. Once dressed, players will remain in their assigned dressing room seat until a team official directs players from the dressing room to the ice surface.  Players cannot congregate in the tunnel.

8.  Players must spread out when waiting in line for a drill.

9.  Each person must have their own water bottle.  Sharing of water bottles is not allowed.

10.  When players’ practices or games are over, they must immediately return to their assigned locker room or hall. Helmets come off and masks are put on, if utilized. Undress enough to be safe in your vehicles.  Their remaining hockey gear may be removed outside at their car or at home.  No showers will be available.

11.  The ice rinks have protocols regarding spectators, look for the red horizontal tape marks on the glass or in the stands. Social distancing is required and the number of spectators per player should be limited as possible.

If we all do our part I believe we can have a successful season.  If we don’t take this seriously then it will be hard.  We likely will have positive cases at some point in WLMHA.  Our goal as an organization is to keep our kids playing hockey safely. Failure to follow these regulations and any others that are needed may interrupt our season or end it all together.  

Yours in Hockey,

Mike Rispin

President, WLMHA

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