Group 1 and 2

Monday Sept 21 at 6:30-7:30 PM

Regular practices begin Sept 28

Group 3 and 4

Thursday Sept 24 at 7:45-8:45

Regular practice begin Sept 28

September 12, 2020

Good morning Everyone,

Today is the start of our season with a Preskate, days and times are listed on the WLMHA website under REC U15 tab. We are all really excited to see everyone coming back! That being said we MUST follow the social distancing rules of using the correct entrance and exit, sanatizing our hands, not hanging out in the lobby before and after skates/ games/ practices, maintaining your 6ft distance with people not in your bubble/ cohort. The staff of the Cariboo Memorial complex have asked that we follow these rules or they will have to close the viewing areas and us parents will not be able to watch our kids play.  Its been a long hard road with covid, and its great to finally get back to some normalicy, but we have to be diligent.

On another note, we are still in need of coaches and assitant coaches for the uncoming season. I know a few of you are waiting to see what happens with Rep tryouts and wish you all the best of luck!  We currently only have 1 confirmed head coach for the upcoming season, and require 3 more to draft the teams for the upcoming season.

We are still requiring a divison coordinator for U15 (Bantam)

I will be posting/ emailing the draft process and email link for the zoom meeting so that everyone can tune in and watch the draft live! watch your emails for it by the next weekend.

And if you have any concerns or questions please feel free to email me and i will get back to you asap (outside of my employments hours 6am to 4pm).

Thank you all very much and look forwards to seeing you all at the rink!

Leah McAllister

U18 & U15 Divison Director

September 10

U11, U13, U15 and U18 begin this weekend.  Please read carefully.

Important information for the players coming to the preseason ice.  If you have looked on the website and not seen your players' name please email Joanne at the office asap.

PLAYER HEALTH SURVEY- you will need to complete the player health survey prior to each ice time, this can be found on the WLMHA website under the Recreation tab and your player's division. This needs to be completed atleast 1 hour prior to arriving at the arena for every player, coach, on ice assistant. If the survey is not competed, the player will not be allowed on the ice.  If you have any issues accessing the survey please let us know.

PLAYER AND PARENT CONTRACT –  Attached - there is a player/parent contract to sign prior to going on the first ice time. This needs to be signed by any parent or family member bringing the player to the rink and the player of course. This can be found on the main page of the website labelled Player/Parent Return to Play Contract.  Please bring it with you to the rink completed, if you have someone else bring them to the rink on different days they will also need to sign it and bring it with them.

FIRST PRACTICE- please arrive 30 mins prior to the ice time, check in at the table and get changed in your designated dressing room. This is the only time you will arrive 30 mins prior the rest of the ice times arrive 15 mins prior. If you can’t be dressed and ready in 15 mins you will need to partially dress at home before you get to the rink.  The dressing rooms will only be open 15 mins prior to each ice time. If you are unable to tie your own skates, please speak with the coach or manager and they will assist you.

ENTRY AND EXIT TO THE RINK – please use the far hockey entrance when arriving at the rink and obey the arrows and pathways set out by the arena staff.

DRESSING ROOMS-  Each team will have 2 dressing rooms and you will be divided into those 2 dressing rooms. Please remember to sanitize your hands immediately upon entry into the dressing room, please stay in your spots and respect the social distancing rules while at the rink.  Only parents designated to tie skates shall be in the change room area as this is for players and coaches only.

WATER BOTTLES – the players will NOT be able to fill there water bottles at the rink, please ensure your player brings enough water with them for the practice.

SHOWERS –there will be NO showers available until further notice at the rink.

RETURN TO PLAY DOCUMENT – everyone has been emailed the return to play document, It can also be found on the website.  Please ensure any parent or relative that are bringing players to the rink read this document.  This has lots of information in it about who can come to the rink, when you can come to the rink and what to do while at the rink. Please follow the arrows and routes at the arena and respect the social distancing rules.

Leah McAllister ~ U15 and U18 Division Director

Jenny Huffman ~ U11 and U13 Division Director

U15 Division Director ~ Leah McAlister

Division Coordinator TBA  email:

We are currently in Phase 3 and allowed larger groups on the ice, but due to dressing room restrictions we will be restricting the numbers to allow for each group to fit in 2 rooms.

Dressing rooms will be assigned upon arrival to the arena.  All players must use the assigned stall in the designated dressing room.

Girls will have the use of the Female change room as numbers permit.

For players please respect the social distancing rules in the change rooms and follow the 6ft rule. No sharing of water bottles (bring your own water as the fountain has been shut down). No sharing of equipment, No horseplay and respect your coaches.  If at anytime a player is found to be in willful violation of the social distancing rules, that player will be asked to leave and escorted off ice/ tunnel/ arena area.

Group 1

Jordan Betts
Kevin Bursinger
Seth Cahoose
Alessandro Calabrese
Blaire Camille
Kody Camille
Brandt Carrier
Dane Christianson
Bayne Cons
Gage Davis
Chase Dube
Yellicyia Elkins
Danton Enns
Luke Erlandson
Hayden French
Rylan Guichon

Group 1:

Preskate ~Sept 12 3:45-4:45pm

Evaluations ~Sept 19 6:45-7:45pm

Group 2

Lucas Hjelden
Ryder Hunlin
Hanna Hutchins
Amdeus Isnardy
Lashawn Jack
Tyrell Johnston
Isidore Kalelest
Tyler Kitsul
Daniel Klyne
Isabelle Mcmath
Mattias Montgomery
Aiden Morphet
Cain Olsen
Garrett Olson
Nash Overton

Group 2:

Preskate ~Sept 12  5:00-6:00pm

Evaluations ~Sept 19 8:00-9:00pm

Group 3

Robert Palmantier
Caen Passeri
Drayden Paul
Angus Paul
Brinley Pawluk
Melissa Pinchbeck
Kaden Place
Oliver Pole
Dane Ramier
Daelin Riplinger
Dallas Rosette
Kobe Robbins Johnson
Austin Sidor
Jayden Sigurdson
Andrew Smid

Group 3:

Preskate ~Sept 13   3:45-4:45pm

Evaluations ~Sept 20  5:15-6:15pm

Group 4

Fisher Smith

Marinn Smith
Logan Stanislaus
Kaleb Sytsma
Oakley Tallio
Jared Telford
Magnus Tough
Andrew Villeneuve
Montana Waters
Levi Weir
Ben Wessels
Aidan Wycotte
Breandan Wycotte

Deegan Stryan

Group 4:

Preskate~Sept 13 5:00-6:00pm

Evaluations~Sept 20 6:30-7:30pm