There will be 2 goalies clinics with Griffen Outhouse on Dec 19th.  You will be contacted by Chris Ford with information about these clinics if you are a goalie in our association.  Watch your emails for more information.

Rescheduled to January.

These 2 U11 clinics have a 20 player limit and will be instructed by Sheldon Nohr.

3:30-4:30 Session

4:45-5:45 Session


Sat Dec 19 Group 1

Sat Dec 19 Group 2

Group 1 and 2 clinics are on the same registration form.  The players will be sorted into balanced groups and the lists will be posted on Thursday night.

The clinic times will be either 3:15 or 4:30 on Saturday Dec 19th.


Group 1 - 3:15

Memphis Lachapelle

Tobias Baumann

Landon Sorenson

Arjun Ranu

Devony Michel

Luke Erlandson

Hannah Erlandson

Mason Tugnum

Axel Campbell

Johana Ketter

Justin Ethier

Reese Escott

Jaxtyn Marklinger

Alexis Sherlock

Jackson Waters

Hunter Dickie


Jaidine Ketter

Matt Sherlock

Dena Baumann

Kris Waters



Group 2 - 4:30pm

Neen Suapa

Lucas Sanford

Sascha Katsura

Layne Rankin

Connor Rankin

Will Roberts

Logan Stanislaus

Cole Skerry

Austin Ludwig

Ethan Mcdonald

Logan Mcdonald

Gage Davis

Kaleb Systma 

Reece Cons

Grady Watson 

Lane Carson

Drent Louie

Danica Solomon

James Michel


Nic Suapa

Robin Ford


Sat Dec 19 @ 5:45

Push the Pace.