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Grade 12 Scholarships

During the 1988-89 season WLMHA established the Kenny Loewen and Leon Whitford Memorial Scholarship fund. The Harry Buchanan Memorial Scholarship was added for the 2003-04 season. The Scholarships are to support high school graduates going on to higher education.

The Scholarship can be applied for through the School District No.27 Scholarship Committee c/o Lake City Secondary School at 250-392-6284 .

WLMHA Grade 12 Memorial Scholarships

Harry Buchanan
Memorial Scholarship: At the time of Harry’s death in 2003, the WLMHA Executive voted to create a Grade 12 Scholarship for Minor Hockey players in Memory of founding father, Harry Allen Buchanan. The Buchanan family asked mourners to donate to WLMHA in lieu of flowers, once again showing Harry’s dedication to and support of Minor Hockey

Kenny Loewen
Memorial Scholarship: A gifted athlete, Kenny’s smiling face and outstanding sportsmanship shone brightly in all the activities in which he participated. As a member of the Williams Lake Minor Hockey Association for four years, Kenny’s ability to learn and achieve was rewarded in 1985-86 by being named the most improved player on his team. Also a gifted baseball player, Kenny was an active member of the Williams Lake Minor Softball Association. Kenny passed away in the wee hours of March 7, 1988 after a valiant fight against cancer which finally claimed him. He will be missed and always remember by his family, friends, teammates and the populace of Williams Lake who joined with him in his final fight.

Leon Dean Whitford
Memorial Scholarship: Thank you to Ann Whitford for providing the following biography of her son.
May 8, 1968 – April 16, 1988. Leon was born and raised in Williams Lake. A natural born athlete, he never had to work very hard to be good at any sport. He played his entire minor hockey and sports career in Williams Lake. Many team members and coaches became his friends in school, work and many other events he participated in. After graduation from High School he took a job at a local mill on weekends, Weldwood, with the life time goal of furthering his education. Unfortunately, he was not to meet this goal. His young life was taken by a tragic car accident in 1988, 2 weeks short of his 20th birthday. Throughout his sports career younger brother Pat was always by his side traveling with teams and family to many out of town tournaments. Both boys were excellent skaters and team players with competitive natures. Pat can be seen in team pictures in the “Claims to Fame “section of WLMHA History. Leon was supported by all his family in everything he did. And so as Canada’s greatest game carries on, so does family. Kevin Heppner, Leon’s nephew and Pat’s son, now player for WLMHA.